Lord of the Darkness: A Tale of the Primeval

Author: William Altimari

ISBN 978-0-9728726-8-3 (softcover); 978-0-9728726-9-0 (casebound)

256 pages

A man-eating leopard prowls the Transvaal. Daring, desperate, and indomitable, this lord of all cats, slowed by an ancient wound, has turned now to the one prey on which he can hope to survive. Captain Hilton Rixton, sportsman retired from the stalk, reaches for his rifle one more time to protect his adoptive African family from a terror against which they have no defense. Hindering his quest are bounty seekers and glory hounds flooding the jungle in search of the elusive quarry, so that even Rixton of Africa is unsure if he can resolve the accelerating crisis to anything but a tragic end.

Lord of the Darkness is the haunting saga of a veteran shikari, robbed of an eye long ago by a tiger in the Indian bush, and his pursuit of a brilliant predator as they advance inescapably toward their fated and final rendezvous.

William Altimari and his wife Barbara live in the Tucson Mountains. He is a member of The U.S. Cavalry Association, The American Quarter Horse Association, and The Western Writers of America. He may be contacted at waltimari@earthlink.net

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Vendor: Virtualbookworm Publishing

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