Author: John Castagnini

ISBN 978-1-951985-72-1 (softcover)

114 pages

As Gibran shared, "Love possess not, nor would it be possessed. For Love is sufficient unto Love." Still, we all fit " LOVE " into our own box. In his book LOVE, through poems and aphorisms, John explores what he perceives as LOVE in approaching, experiencing and receding from a mental state of equanimity. John shares, "I try to let go, as LOVE in its omnipresence, attempts to obliterate the box."

John Castagnini was born In Brooklyn, New York in 1970. He achieved Dean's List status from Los Angeles' College of Chiropractic and Life West Chiropractic School and graduated with a B.A in Biology Degree from Cal-State Fullerton.

In the late 1990s, John transformed his study focus from physical health towards a deeper understanding of the mind, emotions and human behavior. For years John held seminars with Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr John Demartini. He studied the relation of human behavior to branding, marketing, sales and corporate development. John has consulted for multiple start-ups, specifically focused on organizational thinking as it pertains to Brand Identity, Brand Messaging. and Brand Story.

In 2005, after the sudden passing of John's mother, he founded and became the CEO of, a media publishing company with hundreds of writers, including many New York Times bestselling authors. ThankGodi books hit #1 on, have been published in several countries having sold tens of thousands of books, as well as several hundred thousand digital downloads. The ThankGodi book series was endorsed by the creators of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. ThankGodi interviews span in diversity from Governor Buddy Roemer, Hollywood director Mark Pellington, to Reverend Alveda King and Hollywood story icon, Robert Mckee. Through this company, regular donations have been made to Feed the Children Foundation and the Hampton's Book Festival.

John has appeared on ABC Television and dozens of national radio shows, including regular contribution to the Huffington Post and was featured alongside his Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson in the Hollywood film 'Discover The Gift', screened in 21 countries.

John's focus is on exploring the underlying equilibrium that exists beyond one's emotional patterns. He has consulted with hundreds of people, from doctors to professional athletes on the emotional patterns related to traumatic events i.e., abuse, divorce and grief. He also mediates large settlements in multiple countries, consults for companies of all sizes and has spoken for multiple addiction recovery programs. As the CEO of, John has spent years evolving ThankGodi's digital infrastructure, surrounding himself with premier technology guidance.

John conceived of over a decade ago, thinking," what if his mother could have programmed text to reach him on his birthday, before she passed away." This inspired the creation of a great organization that is leading humanity towards maximizing their 'genius' and evolving family legacy, utilizing Artificial Intelligence. Posterity+ is a true game changer, developing a system that can create a 99.9% copy of the human mind.

John is the GP of E.Q Capital, an early stage technology pre-seed fund that was approved by the city council of Cheyenne ,Wyoming and signed by the Mayor to help develop Wyoming's tech ecosystem.

John currently resides in Manhattan, New York. He is author of "Making Love with Poetry," "Between Angels and Devils" and the co-author of "Treasures Within: Mediation With a Friend."

John is a researcher of science, philosophy and religion. He is a black belt, a yoga practitioner, health enthusiast and (hopefully) a burgeoning lyricist.

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