Mysteries of Michigami

Author: Enid Cleaves

ISBN 978-1-62137-240-0 (softcover)

146 Pages

Lake Michigan, called Michigami by the American Indians who lived along its shores, is the third largest Great Lake (behind Superior and Huron) and the only one entirely within the United States. An estimated 10,000 vessels have gone down in the Lake, with approximately 30,000 lives lost. 

The Michigan Triangle has claimed its share, including the well-known steamship Alpena. Within its boundaries, strange objects and beings appear and disappear. Sea creatures have been spotted here, so have unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ghost planes have appeared as false images on radar screens at different locations, including Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. 

Around Michigami’s shoreline, gangsters have met their demise, phantoms lurk in lighthouses, inns and wineries, and creatures such as werewolves and sasquatch roam the forest land. Ordinary people have extraordinary experiences. This book contains a sampling of all of the above. 


Enid Cleaves was born in Iola, Wisconsin, but spent many years in the Fox River Valley area until retiring to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin in 1997. She has done most of her writing since then, with stories and photos appearing in several magazines and local newspapers. She has published several humorous themed cookbooks and books relating stories of ghosts and paranormal experiences. This book, Mysteries of Michigami, as well as her previously published books, Ghostly Tales of Lake Superior, and Gangsters and Ghosts of the Northwoods, tell of legends and lore, murders, haunted places and strange and unexplained happenings.X

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Enid Cleaves

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