Onset: An American's Voyage Beyond Borders

Author: J.B. Gatling

ISBN 978-0-9904534-0-6 (softcover)

ISBN 978-0-9904534-1-3 (hardcover)

258 Pages



Brett Howard had exceeded the American dream. He started with nothing and was fully retired by the age of thirty-seven. After such a blazing career where he battled his way to the highest levels of big business, was it finally his time to unwind and relax, to travel the world and to sail off into the sunrise? Those thoughts never crossed his mind. Instead, he set out on the exact opposite course and shed the trappings of power including the racing yacht, the expensive Manhattan townhouse, and his diamond-studded girlfriend. He returned to the very same inner-city streets from which he escaped as a young boy because he was determined to make a difference in the lives of those left behind. He was also certain that he wanted to face the new challenges with his childhood love, Lailani. But can they overcome their forced twenty-year separation or do their vastly different experiences while apart leave no common ground between them? Through it all, a ruthless Wall Street banker and his progeny unknowingly disrupt Brett's life, but also lay the foundations for his voyage beyond borders.

Type: books

Vendor: J.B. gatling

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