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Orphan Ollie Opts In

Author: Mario E. Lombardo

ISBN 978-1-63868-116-8 (softcover)
978-1-63868-143-4 (eBook)


62 pages

Orphan Ollie Opts In chronicles the life of a l6-year-old orphan who chooses to reside in a Boys Town Orphanage.

Ollie to Victor: "I don't know which is worse: never having a Dad in your life to love you or having a Dad in your life who doesn't love you."

Type: books

Vendor: Mario E. Lombardo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Will Amonette

“Orphan Ollie Opts In” is an inspiring story about triumph in the face of adversity. It teaches lessons about the positive impact that your decisions today can have on your future, and it shows how even the greatest tragedies can often lead to new opportunities. It is a great read for all ages, especially teenagers and young adults.

Jude Drew

"Orphan Ollie Opts In" This alternative story captures the heart of its readers with a delightful twist from "Orphan Ollie Opts Out".
Included are the same loveable characters of Mr. M, Ollie, and Rosie. It introduces new friends, along with a new creative snack called "pizzawich", all of which adds up to an enjoyable read.
Jude Drew (16 yrs)

Luke D.
Great Book!

Being the second of the 'Ollie Opts' series, "Ollie Opts In" is a well-told story about the choices one must make, and how even one can change your life forever. From the same mind that brought us Ollie Opts Out, we see the story told with a twist, and many characters are seen again. This tale tells a story of love, friendship, and fulfillment that comes together in a flourish.

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