Places & Stories

Author: William Bridges

ISBN 978-1-60264-137-2 (softcover)

240 pages

In PLACES & STORIES, Bill Bridges turns his poet's/journalist's eye on scenes ranging from Venice to Machu Picchu to the Time Out Bar in Van Buren, Indiana. He also ranges in time, describing his search for echoes of the Yukon gold rush and for "lost villages and ghost towns" in rural Indiana. And the short stories at the back of the book end with a slightly eerie futuristic twist.


William Bridges has had a career divided among active journalism, teaching, and writing/editing. He has been a foreign correspondent in Germany and a newspaper editor in the U.S. and Taiwan. He is also a poet whose 30-year collection, "The Landscape Deeper In," was published by Virtualbookworm. He has written two memoirs, "Under the Heaven Tree" and "Five-Mountain Morning." Bridges taught journalism and English for many years at Franklin College in Indiana. He now is a "development editor" of computer programming guides for Wiley Publishing. He and his wife, Karen Petersen Bridges, live in Franklin, Indiana.

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