Pre-History’s Chronology Enigma

Author: Terrance F. Johnson

ISBN 978-1-62137-808-2 (softcover)

240 pages


“Pre-History’s Chronology Enigma” is the follow up book to “Our Missing Ancestors: A Dynamic Civilization,” in which an experimental hypothesis was offered for an extremely archaic culture that once flourished in deep-antiquity, and who are possibly the creators of the many mysterious megalithic sites, and other archaeological mysteries prevalent today. This new work offers support for the theory by delving into man’s existence from early glacial periods, through the original peopling of North America. The journey clearly indicates that man has been around a lot longer than what scholars give him credit for, and was far more advanced than previously known.
From time of the ancient, worldly Glacial Epochs to the more recent discoveries of cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, it has become possible to connect a remnant seafaring culture of the ‘Dynamic Civilization’ with those people now known as the First Nations of North America. The book offers an alternative insight as to how the peopling of the North American continent could actually have occurred, while paying close attention to the chronology factor which, at present, is being challenged by some researchers.

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