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Reason, Treason and Tyringham Tea

Author: David A. Weiss

ISBN: 978-1-62137-852-5 (softcover)

502 Pages

Rugged, but baggage-ridden individualist Thomas Webster anguishes as his neighbors pass by en route to the wedding of Polly Winslow. Just a year earlier, Thomas had proposed to Polly, only to see her father veto the planned nuptial. Journey back to the 1770's to the town of Tyringham in southwestern Massachusetts and learn whether Thomas, a victim of an abusive childhood, can overcome the emotional and physical challenges of life in colonial America. See how this self-educated Renaissance man confronts the social, political and religious dilemmas that come his way. Join with him and his neighbors as they face the challenges of an overbearing, mercantile Mother Country. Experience their frustration and ambivalence amidst the events leading up to the Revolution and the fledgling experiment we know today as America. Discover if childhood cruelties and a hidden past, including a year spent in an English jail, will come back to haunt Thomas; whether his neighbors will welcome him into their fight for freedom; and if he can find acceptance and love in a rural Congregationalist community.


Reason, Treason and Tyringham Tea is the seventh novel by David A. Weiss. His previous works are: Farewell to Jack (ISBN 978-1-62137-162-5, 2012), Links and Chains (ISBN 978-1-60264-596-7, 2010), Cedar Creek (ISBN 978-1-60264-253-9, 2008), Paralegal Paramour (ISBN 1-58939-777-0, 2005), Secret Agenda (ISBN 1-58939-527-1, 2004), and Beyond the Tree House (ISBN 0-7388-5558-8, 2000).

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