Rediscovering America! Growing Up in the 40s

Author: H.L. Quist

ISBN 1-58939-616-2 (hardcover)

272 Pages

The author's memoir, which is the first of a trilogy, is more than a nostalgic return to the good old days during World War II and the golden era that followed America's most defining moment. H. L. Quist, as he effectively paints a picture of "a perfect time, a perfect place," allows us the opportunity to reflect on the enormous change in America's mores in the past half century.
In a Micheneresque manner, the author explains his roots and frames the backdrop for his narrative - a series of life-defining experiences punctuated with rich humor and boyish adventure that will encourage the reader to pause and recall his or her own childhood.


H. L. Quist, the son of a fun-loving but uncommunicative father who had an eye for the ladies, and a strict, puritanical mother who had a deep mistrust of men, foreshadows in this first book of the trilogy an inevitable clash in his parents' relationship. His story, which offers such an overpowering and graphic contrast to the America of today, begs the reader to ask for more.

Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, H. L. (Buster) Quist began his writing career in 1993 when he published TRENDS, a nationally distributed newsletter primarily focused on social, political and economic events.

His first book, SECRETS, A Novel of Golf and Politics, published in 2000, is a mystery which is principally set in New Mexico and features a creative and memorable surprise ending. The author has also written a history of his high school that concludes with a memoir of his three years there in the 50's.

Buster was a two-time NCAA All-American in Track & Field, a member of four U.S. Track & Field Teams and a gold medal winner and record holder in the javelin in the 1959 Pan American Games. He is the founder of REDISCOVER AMERICA!, which is a passionate call to re-establish the moral and ethical values of the era so effectively portrayed in this book.

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Vendor: H. L. Quist

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