Sapphire Kill

Author: J.J. Sweed

ISBN 978-1-63868-130-4 (softcover)

136 pages

First a lightning storm, then a New Year's Eve party has three teens in the middle of an attack. Michael, Matt, and Rachel must stay together or get torn apart by the insanity that was brought by the creatures to make the planet their own.

Nothing like a monster invasion as the plot for a first novel, and J.J. Sweed doesn't disappoint with "Sapphire Kill." J.J. enjoyed writing in the second grade and progressed to writing poetry in the fifth grade. Later in life, his love of horror movies and Stephen King novels lead him to write dark stories. He started "Sapphire Kill" in middle school and has written several short stories.

Type: books

Vendor: J.J. Sweed

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