Soul Survivor

Author: C.R. Clemens

ISBN 1-58939-889-0 (softcover)

88 pages

Perhaps you have never considered checking out the supernatural realm because you have been raised in a Christian environment and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. Yet, what would happen if one day your world began to fall apart and you found yourself in an all-embracing state of desperation? Suddenly, your faith is not as strong as your fear. A friend suggests an alternative to prayer... a psychic! Would you be tempted?

Soul Survivor is a powerful manuscript written by a woman who was lured into the psychic arena in exactly this way. Once the "door was opened", she remained on the fence between God and psychics for twenty-five years. Throughout the pages of her book, she invokes God's word to bring her message home. She is compelled to share her knowledge on this controversial topic in an attempt to deflect the ever growing regard for spiritualists in today's society.


C.R. Clemens, a native North Texan, spent twenty-five years struggling between her faith in God and dabbling in the supernatural realm. During that time, she endured two failed marriages and financial ruin. Finding strength through the eyes of her children, she fought to turn away from spiritualists and trust in God alone. She became a Youth Minister at her church where she taught for four years. Her teaching was focused on the power of prayer and accepting guidance from the Holy Spirit. She knows that it is God's will that she communicates the spiritual danger involved when breaching His word. This powerful narrative is meant to discourage young people as well as adults from seeking out the Spirit of Divination. It is suggested that you say a quiet prayer of refuge before reading Soul Survivor.

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