Stroke Rehabilitation - A No Brainer

Author: Kathryn Huddleston, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-951985-64-6 (softcover)

214 pages

Stroke Recovery: A No-Brainer gives the survivor's perspective from a deep stroke through which she was not expecting to live. Her own medical reports from three hospitals gave her answers to questions she had for over a year, and gave her the determination to write her medical journey. Because of extreme aphasia and a mind so twisted up, she could not get the right words out when certain events happened to her. Though it was written not primarily in the medical field, but after several M.D.s read her narrative, they confirmed that this book would also help those in the medical field. It is objective, but contains humor.

Kathryn Huddleston has over 38 years of leadership training and university teaching experiences. After a few years of college teaching  she concluded that colleges weren't preparing students for "after college" work. So she began a small business (KHA) to focus on writing and other communication skills. Soon she led major companies and government agencies move from bureaucratic organizations to customer-focused, lean, structures. She conducted customized leadership training for the Department of Defense throughout the US and in Camp Zama, Japan. Kathryn was a manager of Quality for the SE US plants for Square -Groupe Schneider.

Type: books

Vendor: Kathryn Huddleston

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