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The Awakening

Author: C. Robert Follett

ISBN 978-1-60264-166-2 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-027-7 (eBook)

148 pages

This book is about the clash between science and religion, which began in the nineteenth century during the Victorian Era with the “invention” of evolution. The Victorian Era is characterized as a period of romanticism, innocence and naivety. It was in this setting that evolution was introduced, based on the idea that life began with a single cell organism in the waters of earth, and through a series of changes, which occurred without reason, planning or intelligent thought, has become what we know as today’s earth.
Vehemently opposed to this view are religious beliefs that originate from ancient scriptures written by prophets and other unknown writers. These texts make up the Old Testament.
Does the truth lie somewhere between these two extremes?
After 150 years of conflict, “The Awakening” peels back the layers of biblical misinterpretations and flawed scientific theories to reveal a unique concord between science and religion and solves the age-old dilemma...what to believe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bonnie Good
Intriguing and informative

If you are like me, your the bible history you know seems stale and frankly a bit unlikely. When you read this book it will a open a new world of understanding. This book bring a richness to our beliefs . It challenges us to think and it explains some of those “mysteries”. Mr. Follett not only understands the Bible but he explains it in a way that made me eager to read more, to think more and to believe more deeply.

Rev D. Price

I highly recommend this book to those open-minded enough to be willing to be challenged in their belief systems as this book will do just that! I don't think there is anyone out there who could read this book & then just walk away shrugging their shoulders. It challenges the long held belief in the separation of science & religion. This book will challenge the Christian & scientist & Atheist alike as well as the historian, the biblical scholar, the non-Christian & many others.
I was blown away by the conclusions drawn by the author from the research he unearthed-original thinking that is very difficult to refute. I urge you to read it & be challenged!

Elaine Hybsha

I just picked this book up out of curiosity, not really expecting a big revelation. But what I found was quite the opposite. Follett explains the flaws in the theory of evolution, turning my long-held belief system upside down. I'd always believed evolution was true, simply because it's what I was taught. Follett 's unprecedented research, and easy to comprehend writing style, has made me question everything I thought I knew. This is truly an enlightening read that you don't want to miss!

Lori Sollars

A Fantastic Read! I could not put this book down. Finally, answers to my questions that make sense.

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