The Basker Twins in the 31st Century: The Mystery of the Pendant

Author: Kristi Wright

ISBN 978-1-60264-790-9 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-843-2 (eBook)

350 pages

Twelve-year-old twins, Elsie and Everest, finally feel as if they are starting to fit in at their uncle's boarding school for clones, despite not being clones themselves. Then a man claiming to be a close associate of their parents arrives at the academy and tells them their parents -- off-world on a secret mission -- are missing and presumed dead. He demands they give him the pendants their parents made them promise to keep safe. The twins refuse to believe their parents are dead, and there is no way they will trust this stranger. Instead, they choose to run, hoping to find and save their parents. To their surprise, twelve-year-old clones, Dar, Vlas, Lelita and Borneo, as well as twenty-first century transplant, Larry Knight, offer their help. With dangers on all fronts, this intrepid team will do whatever it takes to save the Basker Twins' parents and solve the mystery of the pendants.


Kristi Wright, winner and finalist of several national writing contests, transports readers to the thirty-first century. "The Mystery of the Pendant" is the second novel in the Basker Twins series.
Having worked in high-tech for over twenty years, Kristi brings a wealth of imagination and knowledge to her Basker Twins series. A favorite thirty-first-century innovation is "jellach vehicles," which bounce off each other without harm as they zip through the air. Other favorites include the incredibly helpful, nearly invisible devices called "pico-brownies" that clean houses at night and, of course, the zero-calorie chocolate isn't bad either. Kristi's favorite thirty-first century word is "zeller," which is synonymous with "cool" or "awesome."
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Type: books

Vendor: Kristi Wright

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