The Continuing Adventures of Puck the Magic Penguin: The Adventure of the Pink Ruby

Author: Bill Moreland  

ISBN 978-1-62137-736-8 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-743-6 (eBook)

90 pages




In The Adventures of Puck the Magic Penguin, Puck is abandoned by his first owner and makes a home for himself on the beach. Nefathenia, Nef for short, finds Puck and, through her first adventure, brings him home. In The Adventure of the Pink Ruby, Puck demonstrates the power of Penguin Magic again. Puck shows he has an instinct when something has gone wrong. When Nef's dad gets into trouble, Puck seems to know before anyone else. Then he shows his ability to help Nef by keeping her out of trouble at school (due to his misadventures, of course). Finally, when Nef and her friends from school go on a field trip, Puck insists on tagging along, making for a much more exciting field trip than anyone ever imagined. Puck only wants happiness for Nef and her friends, but his impulsive acts sometimes cause more trouble than he ever expected.

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