The Keeper

Author: Kevin Wollenweber

ISBN 978-1-63868-087-1 (softcover);
978-1-63868-088-8 (Ebook)

204 pages

The Demon Demetri, upon his banishment to Hades by the Angel Gabriel, returns to Earth to harvest souls for his lord and master, Lucifer.

The “Keeper” reveals Demetri’s encounter, resurrection, and restoration by Lucifer. With What appears as an act of benevolence by the prince of darkness, turns out to be anything but that. Demetri’s stalking and indwelling of a down-on-his luck alcoholic, Columbia River fishing boat captain Luke Berringer, begins a series of events that will reveal that Lucifer has other plans. His focus is on who is the mortal, Alex Dante, and just what powers does he possess.

Expecting an easy mark with Luke, Demetri is quickly thrust back into conflict with Alex. A meeting he did not expect. This time, the stakes are higher, and the contestants in this battle of good versus evil are much more powerful and cunning. Alex must summon every piece of armor provided to him by God to protect mortal souls and outfox the forces of evil.

The coastal town of Astoria, Oregon provides the battleground as agents of deceit and jealousy battle for the eternal souls of Earth against those who abide in love and grace of God.

Kevin Wollenweber is a storyteller and artist. He enjoys drawing, painting and creating stories about the end times. The characters in his stories depict people who have been chosen to serve God in remarkable ways to fight the powerful forces of evil.

Type: books

Vendor: Kevin Wollenweber

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