The Sunbottle Stone

Author: Mataos Ponticello

ISBN 978-1-62137-000-0 (eBook)


Into the office of hematologist, Dr. Charles Foster and his young intern, Dr. Kyle McClendon, comes a beautiful vampire Miss Iza Cara Medori, who asks for help in protecting her daughter Tessa from a vicious vampire, Dimitri Alexander. She tells the story of the "Sunbottle Stone" which carries the blood of her ancestors only members of her family, the Medori Vampires, are allowed to drink. The living organism inside the stone allows vampires to live in daylight and co-exist with humans; and humans, should they drink it, gain immortality. When young Dr. McClendon agrees to accompany Iza Cara to meet her daughter Tessa and Dimitri Alexander, he is brutally and mysteriously murdered by an unknown assailant, while Dimitri Alexander is slaughtered by the Medori Vampires. When both vampires and humans converge to possess and drink from the stone for a variety of their own evil purposes, Iza Cara and the doctors soon learn that Tessa is as malicious as her associates, and has intentions to gain the power to rule an army of vampires who want to feed night and day. Tessa defies and challenges her mother and all Medori family traditions as she conspires with an aging billionaire, his malicious chauffeur, and a venomous henchman, who are obviously willing to commit chaos and murder to find and drink from the Sunbottle Stone.

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