The Triumphs of Kahuru

Author: Sebati Edward Mafate

ISBN 978-1-949756-21-0 (softcover) 

ISBN 978-1-949756-22-7 (eBook)

290 pages

The year — or season — is 1779. The legend of Kahuru the human leopard has spread to the far off lands of The Americas, in particular to a plantation in Raymond, Mississippi, where the tales of this remarkable being are told and retold among the slaves. This prompts Henry Thomas Davies, the slave master’s son, to eventually lead an expedition to ‘The Dark Continent’ in search of the human leopard. This he does in spite of unspeakable dangers along the way. The excursion was prompted because of the trust Henry developed from a forbidden friendship with the slave, Melvin Davies, whose real name is Sanza Kazadi. Melvin is a slave of unsurpassed intellectual prowess and an uncanny ability to recall facts very few people can —  a slave who claims to have seen the human leopard in person.


Sebati Edward Mafate was born in Zambia and raised in Botswana. Aside from his writings, Sebati is also an independent filmmaker and producer. His first feature film, “Black Cobra,” was based on his second novel, “When The Cobra Strikes,” and released by a major Hollywood distributor, Lionsgate Films. Sebati continues to write and pursue a successful career in filmmaking in Southern California where he resides with his wife, Vivian Lorena, and their four children. “The Triumphs Of Kahuru” is his fourth novel to date.

Type: books

Vendor: Sebati Edward Mafate

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