Tina, Wilamina, Irina, and Nina

Author: Jennifer Rogala

ISBN 978-1-60264-519-6

34 pages

Tina quarrels to get what she wants.

Wilamina quibbles to get her own way.

Irina whimpers so her opinion is heard.

Nina whines to at least have a say.

Something needs to change to make these sisters cooperate. But what?



Jennifer L. Rogala has worked in the area of healthcare technology for 18 years. Before becoming a mother, her writing topics were related to how technology can improve patient safety. But, when she discovered her daughters loved books, Jennifer was inspired to try reading her own material. While her works on patient safety were effective at sending her twin daughters off to slumber land, for some reason they stopped asking her to read and feigned sleep, sometimes even volunteering to go to bed early to avoid storytime. Deciding that a change in subject matter would help, Jennifer shifted tactics. Her subsequent stories about cats of all kinds, runaway noses, and a boy with a love of astronomy wandering a land of mythical creatures and grammatical phenomena, proved to be far more popular with her children. The birds sang, the flowers bloomed, and her twins embraced story time again. They all live happily in the wild lands outside Boston, where Jennifer, her two lovely daughters, and princely husband, live to serve their two cats.

Joe Knaus graduated from MassArt with a BFA in Communication Design. Joe enjoys enhancing the relationship between the reader and the words with illustrations that are playful and colorful. Works by Joe Knaus have been published in "The Life and Health Advisor," "The Walpole Times," and "The Hometown Weekly." Joe also donates his time and artwork to local charities and events like The Walpole Arts and Music Festival, and The Computer Foundation Annual Fundraiser. This is Joe's first picture book.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: Jennifer Rogala

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