Torches - Seer Series: Book Three

Author: Larry Austin

ISBN 978-1-947532-59-5 (softcover)

978-1-947532-60-1 (eBook)

222 pages

Eight years after the end of Book Two, Michael comes to understand that humankind is slowly dying because most men are sterile. While on the road providing medical services, Michael encounters a life-threatening situation that puts him at grave risk. His seventeen-year-old son, Mica, must step in to try to save his life. Mica then picks up where his father left off, first serving as the only doctor on a return trip to Boston, then visiting the other colonies to provide medical and fertility services. His travels go well until he runs into a situation that threatens to take everything he has away from him.



This is Larry Austin's third novel in the Seer Series. He lives and works on Cape Cod, MA, where he is passionate about his writing, his work as a trauma therapist, gardening, fishing and shell-fishing. In a previous life, he worked full time as a rock musician.  

Type: books

Vendor: Larry Austin

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