Trackless Snow: One Woman's Journey from Shame to Grace

Author: Martha Manning

ISBN 978-1-60264-691-9 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-868-5 (eBook)

160 pages

Dr. Manning has set forth her life experiences together with her academic studies in a blunt, personal memoir and series of stories that illustrate the quality of resilience in maturing women. Her style, wit, and honesty give life to the stories and experiences she shares. Reflecting on cultural shame and humiliation, and the way that American women are marginalized as they age, she gives hope and joy to the possibilities ahead for women who wish to remain vital.

As a reader, you will see how you trust your intuition more, use your life experience, more boldly speak your mind, use your voice and participate in change rather than resisting it. You begin to sense your own value and have the courage of your convictions. You are no longer apologetic.

"Trackless Snow" is a companion and guide to support and reinforce the reality of women becoming better, wiser, honored and impactful as they age.


With just a Bachelor of Arts degree, Martha Manning started her Master's and Doctoral studies at age 58. She was awarded her Doctorate in Human Development at age 65. She is dedicated to obliterating the assumption that older women are less attractive, valuable, and meaningful as humans, her goal is to do away with the mantle of invisibility that American culture wraps us in as we age.

Much of our unconscious acceptance of the shame of being an aging woman is due to our conditioning and Martha's stories and information helps the reader to become aware of this cultural bias and more sensitive to accepting stereotypes of aging.

Through her approach, called "Age Growth" you plant your stake in the ground and say, "Hear me! See me! Work with me! Honor me! We are beautiful and wise."

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