Treason by Any Other Name is Still Treason and Arizona Judiciary: Willful Blindness Combo

Author: Paul R. Jones

Documents in PDF form on CD only.

ISBN 978-1-62137-077-2 (Treason by Any Other Name is Still Treason)
ISBN 978-1-62137-271-4 (Arizona Judiciary) 


ARIZONA JUDICIARY: WILLFUL BLINDNESS chronicles two unresolved Arizona civil (now criminal) suits, CA2010-052368/CA-CV10-0869 and CA2010-054025/CA-CV11-0044, which were first introduced to Arizona's voting citizenry by this author in TREASON BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL TREASON (ISBN 978-1-62137-077-2). WILLFUL BLINDNESS reveals page-by-page how an extensive 'Fraud upon the Court' was done by officers of the Court in these cases; and, how this 'Fraud upon the Court' was put into place and executed with brilliance to ensure the cases failed. 'Fraud upon the Court' so destroys the fabric of our Judicial System there is no statute of limitations! The Arizona Judiciary, including the Arizona Supreme Court Chief Judge (aided and abetted by the Arizona Attorney General's Solicitor General, Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Arizona State Bar - The Cabal) took an 'oath to support and defend' our U.S. Constitution from enemies within and outside of our Nation. This Ebook is a must read for elected and appointed servants, jurists, scholars, academia, U.S. Constitution professors, and every citizen in the State of Arizona. 

Even the least of Arizona's citizens is worthy of their voice being heard in an Article III court free from corrupt judges.


TREASON BY ANY OTHER NAME.... is a must read for scholars, jurists, practitioners of law and elected servants to fully understand how the United States Constitution is undermined by Irregular Engineering Standards Change to that document. Sir Winston Churchill says it best: The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. TREASON BY ANY OTHER NAME…..chronicles more than 10+-years of the author's efforts to secure guaranteed United States and Arizona Constitution and federal common law protections to be free from race discrimination. Beginning in April of 2000, until today, he has persisted in seeking to protect health, welfare and benefits guaranteed by the U.S./Arizona Constitution from being trashed by federal and Arizona judiciary that identifies a select group of U.S. and Arizona citizens to have their health, welfare and benefits enlarged because of their Indian ancestry/race that simultaneously diminishes others because of their race. CV2010-052368/CA-CV 10-0869 and CV-CA2010-054025/ CA-CV 11-0044, which are included on the CD, are the documented efforts to secure U.S./Arizona Constitution guaranteed protections denied by treasonous acts of the Arizona Judicial System.

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Vendor: Paul R. Jones

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