What Kind of Love Was That?

Author: Carolyn Campbell Evans

ISBN 9781947532809 (softcover)

160 pages

The poems in this sixth collection are expressions of all kinds of love. In making this book, I concluded that all the poems I have ever written are some facet of love. Shakespeare said, “Men have died, and worms have eaten them, but not for love.” Really? I don’t have any answers about this subject. All I know is that Love is Life. It is one and the same. It is the energy that moves the stars and makes every heartbeat. With or without it, we are all the “stuff” of love.


Carolyn Evans Campbell, a Colorado native, a graduate of East High School and the University of Colorado, teaches poetry and creative writing in Evergreen and the region. Her six books of poetry, an historical novel Fireweed, A Woman's Saga in Gold Rush America, a memoir, and a play with her original music, have won wide recognition, including seven first-place awards from the Colorado Authors' League. Her novel was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, the Willa Literary Award, and the Heekin Literary Award. It won the Hackney Literary Award. She presently lives and teaches in Evergreen and continues to cherish her creative journey with other writers.  

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