Where in the World Are You

Author: Arnold Cross

ISBN 978-1-63868-031-4 (softcover)

162 pages

Where In the World Are You? chronicles the life of Lester McCloud from the time he was a pre-teen through his new life in Canada and his life in the Canadian Air Force during World War II. It also follows his half-sister June’s search for the brother she never met.

World War II sees McCloud drafted and then trained as a fighter-bomber pilot. He is badly injured when his plane crashes and he is taken prisoner. After he and many others are liberated in a daring rescue, he is taken to Walter Reed Hospital for surgery. After time with his family, he goes back to the Air Force where he rises to the rank of General.

After the war, he goes back to his medical studies and civilian life, which holds some big surprises for him.

Arnold Cross was born in 1932 in the Cumberland Mountains of east Tennessee. He was raised on farms and began working on the farms at an early age. At seventeen, he went to Indiana to work in a glass factory.

In 1952, he joined the Air Force and spent 20 years traveling the world maintaining and flying on airplanes. He also worked in Maintenance Control making sure every plane was airworthy and where it should be. He flew support missions into Vietnam for the length of the war.

After Arnold retired, he worked for Square D Electric Company for five years. After that, woodworking became his passion with building mandolins at the top of the list.

Type: books

Vendor: Arnold Cross

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