Compassion is Not Lost in New Book “Elmo”

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In this economic depression, the men of Miner are willing to go to extremes to protect their families from the harsh realities of today’s world in the new book Elmo, by Matt Shea.

After months of house foreclosures and layoffs, The Men of Miner Fellowship Hall township developed a clever ruse to keep their families and friends off the streets. Elmo, the town beggar, mysteriously appeared at the street corner of Main and Elm every night, begging for handouts and then disappearing during the day. Unbeknownst to the wives and children of The Men of Miner Fellowship Hall, Elmo is actually multiple men, trying to raise money to keep their town alive.

What happens when Ben Skates’ teenage son, Sam, finds out? Can a teenager overcome his pride and ego to step up for what’s right? What he decides to do will change the fate of the town, and the fate of Elmo, forever.

Matt Shea is a developing author having published five books. He is greatly inspired by the writings of Andy Griffith and focuses on the common folk that small towns are made of. He credits the success of his first book, The Groundskeeper and Other Short Stories to his family. The values that were instilled throughout his childhood gave him the strong sense of justice that is conveyed through his writings. The Shea family is only an average American family from an average neighborhood. Their secret was that they were close knit and accepted others.

Elmo is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-352-0) and Ebook (ISBN 978-1-62137-353-7) at,, and The books can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the author’s website,

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