Fiction And History Combine During WWII in Winds of The Marquesas

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Author E.C. Olson combines his knowledge of history and the Florida Keys with his penchant for writing about bizarre but true events surrounding World War II in the historical fiction, Winds of The Marquesas.

The novel follows an extended family of Florida Keys’ pioneers – the Collins-Adderley Family - as they endure personal tragedies during and after WWII, despite encounters with famous historical figures: Ernest Hemingway, Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, Tennessee Williams, Fidel and Raul Castro, Meyer Lansky, and many more. The setting of this epic saga isn’t limited to Florida; the non-stop action takes the characters across Cuba and the northern Caribbean and as far afield as Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and Berlin.

In addition to his avocation as a writer, E.C. Olson, PhD, is an explorer, ecologist, historian, and avid outdoorsman. A long-time resident of the Florida Keys and founder of The Museum of Natural History of the Florida Keys, Dr. Olson traveled extensively throughout Cuba and the Caribbean over the last thirty years conducting research for this book. His work and writing have been recognized internationally with numerous awards, fellowships, and grants. He is presently working on his next two books - the prequel to Winds of the Marquesas and the contemporary fiction After Matthias.

Winds of The Marquesas, published by Man O’ War Publishing, is available in hardcover (ISBN 978-0-9905595-0-4) from,, and The eBook (ISBN 978-0-9905595-1-1) is currently available on The printed book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and Europe. More information can be found at the publisher’s website,

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