Openly Gay Iowa State Senator Reveals Stor ies and Letters in New Book

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Marriage equality is the new civil rights movement in America. While some view this as a powerful political weapon, others experience it as love, commitment, and the quest for equality. Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy has been a leader for years in this struggle for equality. His new book, McCoy, You’re Going Straight to Hell, reveals personal stories and opinions e?mailed to him from both those supporting same gender marriage as well as those bitterly opposing it.

The e-mails and letters are artifacts of a critical movement, since they bring to life stories of couples affected by the intolerance of laws that prevent them from legally expressing their love and commitment through marriage. Yet the correspondence also tells the stories of individuals who feel threatened by its legalization. Together, these stories put a face on the issue of marriage equality. Those struggling with their sexual orientation will be reminded they are not alone. The battle for equal rights, for marriage equality is not a done deal.

Matt McCoy is an Iowa State Senator and Iowa's highest ranking openly gay elected official. He has served in the Iowa Legislature for twenty-two years with key leadership roles in the Senate. Recognition and numerous awards have been given to McCoy for his commitment to courageous public service and social justice issues. As a spokesperson for marriage equality, he has taken the issue across the country. McCoy serves on various governmental, non profit, and civic boards. He is the founder of Resource Development Consultants. McCoy is a graduate of Briar Cliff University. He and his son Jack live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Co-author Jim Ferguson has served as a school administrator in Iowa, Texas, and Michigan. The school where he served as principal was among the first in the nation to be recognized as exemplary. His background includes teaching, school administration, college instruction, consultant with Resource Development Consultants and serving on several non?profit boards. He is the author of numerous state and national publications. Ferguson earned his doctorate at The University of Iowa.  He and his wife Jill live in Clive, Iowa.

McCoy, You’re Going Straight to Hell is available in softcover (ISBN 978?1?62137?626?2) and eBook (ISBN 978?1?62137?627?9) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. For more information on the author or the book, please go

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