Action Thriller “Steele Trap” Fights Domestic Terrorist Scheme

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Richard Steele, a former Marine sniper, tracks down and serves justice to criminals in Steele Trap by E.J. Robb. This original story follows Steele as he discovers his efforts may be funding an organization that will do more harm to the United States than all the men he has eliminated. 

When Steele pops up on the Department of Homeland Security's radar, he is tracked and found by Agent Lewis Preston. Through a series unexpected events, Agent Preston and Richard Steele discover that their goals ultimately intersect. Each man's skill and determination will be tested as they protect the United States from those who wish to harm it.

Steele Trap is E. J. Robb’s first edition in the upcoming Richard Steele Series. Robb’s career has taken him from the military to the FBI, giving him a unique perspective of the inner workings of the United States. Full of true-to-life experiences, Steele Trap delivers a thrilling feeling of authenticity.

Steele Trap is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-677-4) and eBook (ISBN 978-1-62137-678-1) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. For more information on the author or the book series, please go to:

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