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A B-Girl in a B-Boy World - From the Streets of Brooklyn to Breakdancing Stardom

Author: Kim "Kim-A-Kazi" Valente

ISBN 978-1-62137-747-4 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-807-5 (eBook)

244 Pages 

Back when Hip-Hop was on the rise in New York, guys usually dominated the dance floor. Everything changed once the Dynamic Dolls exploded onto the scene, becoming the first professional female break dance crew ever! Led by Kim-A-Kazi, they took the Hip-Hop world by storm with their amazing skills and entertaining choreography. The Dynamic Dolls quickly gained some of the industry's foremost companies as their sponsors, such as Pony, Puma, and Swatch Watch just to name a few. Filled with exclusive photos, images and personal accounts, Kim-A-Kazi takes you along on her journey, sharing humorous stories as well as the difficult struggles that took her from the streets of Brooklyn to life in the Spotlight. Headlining on some incredible tours like the first Hip-Hop tour, starring Kurtis Blow, Run-DMC, the Fat Boys and many others. Compelling and raw, this book gives an awesome insight into the joy, success, heartache and betrayal of being A B-Girl in a B-Boy World.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kim now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband and her son. Dancing and writing are her two greatest passions. Currently, Kim is working on her next two books. "The Last Straw" is a riveting page-turner and "Beware the Devil’s Charm" is a dark, sinister story from the inner thoughts of a psychopathic murderer.

Kim writes in all genres and is eager to publish her children’s stories as well. She would like to use her gift of connecting with children to lecture at schools around the country.

“I want to share with children many of the things I wish someone would have passed on to me,” Kim says. “I want all children to know they can be whatever they want no matter where they came from. And in me, I think they can see for themselves that is possible.”

As for the adults, she says to never give up on your dreams. “It took me fifty years, but I am finally writing.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Giorgos Blackman
you just ride along...

The book is just like being with Kim and discussing the whole story over coffee. You feel like she is there with you telling her story and images of that appear to your imagination. The photos are the clear facts of the story, that some are truly difficult to believe if you were not there, but have it in front of you. I am so sure that if during that era they had internet or smartphone, Kim would have so much much more to say and to show!

For me, as a hip hop fan who studies a lot, this book adds a lot of my gaps, especially in the field of females in the art of hip hop dance styles. Except from baby love of the Rock Steady there are few or none information about other females doing it like Kim did.

You might think that I'm crazy. but I got two copies of the book. One is mine and the other will be given to a lucky b-girl of the new era!

Thank you Kim for everything!

Nishad Jiwa

An amazing and insightful read Kim..thanks for taking us all on a journey through hip-hop and b-boy/b-girl history. The book and its stories are as entertaining as they are insightful. From The Kennedy Center Honors and "Beat Street" to beyond - each chapter is full of captivating energy that effectively engages and draws the reader in. A truly intriguing book that is a must for those that were directly part of the movement - or close to it. Congratulations friend..and all the best with your future publications and books. Thank You.


WHAT CAN I SAY, ROUND TWO IN THIS GAME OF LITERATURE IS NOT EASY, but you did it Kim. So glad you are speaking to the ears that may not know the pitfalls of this world of entertainment. A great read...let's go on tour

Manu Waa
Awesome Read...

I grew up in the 80s in New Zealand Hip Hop was a powerful medium that touched the hearts of all of us... and from reading this book I am given a better understanding and look into a world I would only hear and see news clips from back in the day This is hip hop history thru someone I consider a Pioneer for Breakdance culture and Hip Hop in general overallna great read...

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