A Backpacker's Guide To Philmont

Author: Bill Sassani

ISBN 978-1-60264-242-3 (softcover)

192 pages


"A Backpacker's Guide to Philmont" is a resource meant to help participants, particularly adult Advisors, train and prepare for a Philmont trek. Topics include getting ready to go to Philmont, basic camping skills, bear procedures, cooking and cleanup, water purification, first aid and emergencies, and group dynamics. There is also information about what equipment to take on the trail, Philmont resources on the internet, and a glossary of Philmont terminology.


Bill Sassani has served on the Philmont staff for ten summers as a Ranger, Mountain Trek Ranger, Rayado Ranger, Ranger Trainer, Service Academy Coordinator, and backcountry Camp Director at Urraca, Miner's Park, and Whiteman Vega. He has extensive experience training crews for their Philmont adventure, as well as supervising other Philmont staff. Outside of Philmont Bill has worked for several outdoor education organizations. He is an Eagle Scout who holds a master's degree in outdoor education. This is his first book.

Category: Non-Fiction, Outdoors, Sports

Type: books

Vendor: Bill Sassani

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