Claiming Our True Identity

Author: Robert Casady

ISBN 978-1-63868-037-6 (softcover);
116 pages

How liberating would it be to shed all false identities that we or others have placed on ourselves? Claiming our true identity as followers of Jesus begins by believing that Jesus really is in us and we are in him. Trying harder gets us nowhere. Waking up to who we already are allows us to see our full status as sons and daughters of God. We discover our true identity by recognizing that the life of Jesus flows deep within each believer's heart. This is God's good work! Our part is tapping into the love that has already been deposited in us. It's time we move away from the mindset of identity groups, pitting people against people, to become one in Christ Jesus! Let's trade the lies for fresh encounters with God.


Robert (Bob) Casady is a pastor, author, and spiritual director. He loves being a husband, dad and papa. His primary identity is who he is in Christ. Bob's passion is for others to discover their true identity. He retired after serving as a pastor for over forty years. He has returned to the pastorate, serving the Dockery Chapel and Grundy Center churches. Bob and his wife Susan live in Springfield, MO.

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