The Scroll of Deuel

Author: Charlene Lassig

ISBN 978-1-60264-508-0 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-509-7 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-825-8 (eBook)

482 pages


Defying the laws of his people, Josiah risks his very existence in the crusade for the guidance of his Esprit de corps. Josiah's course of action threatens his destiny with eternal exile to the planet Deimos, a mysterious universe in which the fallen are sent.
Jeopardizing his new found humanity, Josiah combats rogue guardians who have opened the abyss, unleashing horrific devastation upon earth. The battle line is drawn and the Village of Silver Lake, Wisconsin has become the battlefield. Josiah must keep Silver Lake and the surrounding communities of Trevor and Wilmot safe from destruction.
His endurance and empathy for the humans he despises are tested in a ghastly conflict of physical strength and divine powers. Josiah is devastated when he realizes what the protection of the Sentinel and his servitude to the Creator...will cost him.



Charlene Lassig resides with her husband Kurt and two sons, Aaron and Donovan in the Village of Silver Lake, Wisconsin. This small community has become the setting for her novel "The Scroll of Deuel," and the home of her characters, Raina and Josiah.
Charlene enjoys writing, and is currently working on several other writing projects, three of which also take place in Silver Lake. Her favorite being the sequel to "The Scroll of Deuel." Publication and release of her next novel is planned for spring of 2010.
Among other hobbies and interests, Charlene enjoys scrap booking, ceramics, and photography. She is a member of Old World Wisconsin Historical Society, also of the ASPCA, and volunteers at Safe Harbor Humane Society, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Charlene Lassig

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