Where do Belly Buttons Come From?

Author: Jeffery Warren Scott

ISBN: 978-1-62137-701-6 (softcover)

28 pages

Every child wonders where belly buttons come from and why they exist. This delightful story gives a fun and affirming answer to that question. Belly buttons are there to remind us that we are specially made and especially loved! After reading Where Do Belly Buttons Come From?, you may never look at your belly button the same again!

About the Author

With more than thirty years of experience as a pastor, Dr. Jeff Scott is a gifted speaker, storyteller, humorist, and lover of children. He holds a PhD in religion from Baylor University and master’s degrees in divinity and religious education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Scott has written numerous articles on child well-being, as well as a book entitled Does Your Child’s World Scare You?: Making the World a Better Place for Children.

Community and church groups of all kinds regularly call upon him to entertain and inspire them with his skills as a ventriloquist. Combining humor and encouragement. Dr. Scott uses this little-seen art form to bring joy and inspire thought.
Dr. Scott’s greatest accomplishment is his family. He and Debbie have been married for more than thirty-five years and have two wonderful and accomplished adult children. The Scotts reside in the Richmond, Virginia, area.

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