Author: F.W. Brown

ISBN: 978-1-60264-163-1 (Softcover)

224 pages

The year is 1971, and once again, Commander Alex Power calls in agent Lance Ryder, this time to investigate the mysterious shooting death of a young military policeman, killed in Qui Trang Province, South Viet Nam.

A lead takes Ryder into the upper regions of Thailand and Cambodia where he quickly learns of the young policeman's double-life as a drug smuggler. Returning to Vietnam after hitting a dead end in his search for the killer, Ryder discovers that the leader of the infamous gang of smugglers and killer is an army officer with much more on his mind than smuggling heroin.

The OMNI investigator methodically continues his exploration unaware that he is on the verge of encountering a supernatural Molech who is resolute in destroying Ryder and taking mankind to the brink of extinction.



Author, F. Washington Brown, a retired engineer formerly employed at White Sands Missile Range, NM is a freelance writer for New Mexico Magazine and pens a movie review column for the Alamogordo Daily News. The author is a world traveler and has lived in most of the countries he writes about for a period of a year or more.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: F.W. Brown

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