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Georgia Football Memories: 50 Years of State-Sponsored Antagonism

By Steve Anthony

ISBN 978-1-62137-933-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-934-8 (eBook)

148 Pages

Georgia and Georgia Tech have faced each other on the gridiron since 1897. While there are many books recounting these endeavors, this is the first from someone who attended a half century of them. From 1966 to the time of publication, this book recounts the author’s attendance at every game, his recollections, impressions, analyses, his reactions honestly given, and a full listing of those statistical results. Read how the author changed his way of looking at games, his near scraps with the opposition, as well as his ability to keep his job with such a partisan viewpoint exhibited during games. We predict once you start reading, you will not put the book down until finished. With the outcome of games already known, the suspense is in the personal details and side stories.


Steve Anthony, a native Georgian, has enjoyed a varied and productive career in public service, including 15 years teaching in higher education. He may be best known, however, as an ardent fan of the University of Georgia. Although an author of several academic books, this offering is his first outside of academia, albeit still non-fiction (even though some Tech fans may disagree). A graduate of the University of West Georgia, with a brother, two nephews and one of his sons graduating from UGA, Steve has viewpoints from both inside and out that give a unique perspective to this offering.

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